MEP Coordination

US BIM offers full parametric modeling and coordination for contractors and construction managers. We model all trades in Revit using fabrication parts that are pulled in from CadMEP ver.3.06 and coordinate with Navisworks Manage / Autodesk BIM 360 Glue. 


Document Tracking with BIM Tracker, Autodesk BIM 360 Field, Bluebeam Studios, New Forma, Procore, Egnyte, Box, and Dropbox.


We offer modeling and coordination services for individual trades who are asked to participate in BIM coordination.


We use the best software in the industry!


BIM TRACKING - Easy Communication, providing the basic information you need to resolve coordination issues. Our teams can comment back and forth on issues directly in their everyday software and all stakeholders can view the issue context with a free web viewer.


Maximum context & interoperability - US BIM Makes it easier for teams working in 2D and 3D to work together in a user-friendly platform.  Our API allows for bi-directional data exchange. Issues can be exchanged across different platforms using the BCF file format. We also let data in; IFC models can be imported into a free web viewer to see issues in their full context without expensive authoring software licenses.


Accountability & transparencyIndividuals and teams alike are accountable to each other and other stakeholders.  US BIM does not allow users to delete issues or comments. The whole, unvarnished truth is contained within! There is, however, a strong notion of team access, so we can resolve internal issues amongst our fellow team members


Spend time on value-added tasksEvery minute counts. We implement clash switch back, you simply click “View in Model” in Revit, Navisworks, Tekla Structures or our web viewer and get taken directly to the issue’s location.  We apply this time-saving philosophy to everything we do. We can now schedule reports that email your predefined coordination report template to the right team members at predefined intervals.


The right information for the right decisions -  Project management is a critical part of US BIM. Because we have issue metadata such as priority, teams, zones and more, we can measure our coordination progress without any extra work.


BIM 360 GLUE - Accelerate constructability reviews and let multidisciplinary teams quickly identify and resolve costly issues prior to construction with any time, anywhere access to project models.


BIM 360 DESIGN - Reduce downtime, improve productivity and deliver your best designs. BIM 360 Design allows teams to securely co-author a Revit model in real-time and coordinate and manage deliverables throughout the project lifecycle. Teams can focus on the design rather than worrying about versions or updates.


NAVISWORKS - Navisworks® Simulate and Manage tools enable greater coordination, construction simulation, and whole-project analysis for integrated project review. Navisworks Manage includes advanced simulation and validation tools.

Look at our completed projects Mixed Residential and Educational.
Features of US BIM:

  • Instant Collaboration & Communication​

  • Streamline VDC & BIM collaboration through the acceleration of model aggregation and clash detection.

  • Less time fighting with files. More time designing. Reduce downtime, improve productivity and deliver your best designs. 

These are just a few reasons to choose US BIM Inc. for your next project!

Quick Tips:

1. How to implement Real-Time Coordination on a budget?

     By implementing a synchronized cloud-based storage drive, like Dropbox or Egnyte, for your VDC modeling team. You will dramatically speed up the coordination process which in return translates to time and money savings. 

Step 1. Share a dropbox folder with the modeling team. 

Step 2. The team will install the Dropbox App on their PC and this will create a synchronized folder that keeps the team in real-time synchronization. 

Step 3. Request that the modelers export their models to this folder as an NWC (Navisworks Cache) file. this export is effortless. We use a quick key command that once tapped it will export the NWC file from Reive in the background. We typically export our models' to the synced folder every hour. 

Step 4. Open up Navisworks Manage and append the NWC files from the shared folder then save your Navisworks file as an NWF Navisworks Federated)  file extension. Since the Federated model is seeking the cache files from the shared Dropbox folder then everytime you open the NWF file or refresh the model view your NWF model will always pull the latest and greatest cached files.


     This technique will do what Autodesk BIM 360 Glue does but with Navisworks Manage and will cost significantly less money to implement.

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